The Lost to Time Mini-Series



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One minute I'm on vacation with my family in Ireland, visiting a "supposed" fairy hill during a solar eclipse. The next, I feel as if I'm on a wild roller coaster ride. I am tumbling through solid blackness until I landed painfully on my ass in ancient TROY! 

The best part?  I meet Braxius, a tall, dark Trojan prince who is known for being "too friendly" with the ladies and is determined to have me at any cost!  What is a girl from the 21st Century to do?!




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I left one dire situation and landed in another! Why can't fairies be sweet?!

My name is Jessa, and I recently took a trip to Ancient Troy because I said, "I didn't believe in fairies," while sitting on a fairy hill, during a full eclipse. I was on vacation with my family in Ireland, and my sister Meena was with me on the hill when I was sucked through time!

Now, I ripped through time again, landing in Ancient Pompeii. Right before Mount Vesuvius destroys the whole area! The best part? My Trojan Prince husband has a twin in Rome and has purchased me as a slave!

Why couldn't I return to my own time!

Do you want to hear some sound advice? Don't ever piss-off a fairy!

Book Three:

 Lost To:  Earth

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

You would think with the root word "fair" in fairies would deem the creatures sweet and gentle. Right?
Fuck no!
I died in Ancient Pompeii's catastrophic demise along with my lover Brixtius, and I was once again tossed through time.
This time I land in Medieval Europe, and like my previous two adventures, I run into my dead lovers' look-alike descendant. Except now, he's a Duke and a formidable warrior.
And me? The fairies dressed me as a boy, and I somehow have to survive this chivalric world! Why me?!