Book One: Descend

A young woman's journey to save seven archangels and one pure soul from the Nine Circles of Hell. Seraphim Dante was always a loner and an outcast until she was chosen to go into Hell to save one pure soul and seven fallen archangels from Hell. Never in Sera's wildest dreams would she have believed the impossible until she meets a stranger on her 21st birthday who is her appointed guide through the Nine Circles of Hell. As Sera meets each archangel, Sera discovers a power within herself that will ultimately save them all. However, Sera learns that with power comes a price and is she ready to pay it?

Excerpt from Online Book Club Official Review:  "I rated the book 4 out of 4 stars. I found the plot captivating and highly addictive. I could not put the book down until I finished it. The characters were developed masterfully, and they were very relatable. The author also used humour to make the story lively. I encountered few grammatical and punctuation errors in this book. This led me to believe that the book was professionally edited. I did not encounter anything that I disliked about this book."


Book Two:  Descending 

Who says Hell cannot be fun? Sera is discovering more about herself and the men she was tasked to save. She is also finding out that some men don't want redemption. Can Sera overpower Archangel egotism or will she be destroyed in the attempt of submitting to her fated role?

Excerpt from Amazon Review:  " 'Descending' has Sera in the second circle of Hell training and waiting to traverse the third circle Gluttony, and on to the fourth circle Wrath to retrieve her next angel mates for the Creator as she will need them to fight the ultimate evil to save the world. Sera is the perfect character for this tale as she is snarky, fun, courageous, strong and very sensual. I love her mates Virgil, Red, Ralph and B. Gabe however makes you want to kick him in the balls. This is an interesting, exciting, action-packed and well-written storyline that continues to intrigue and grabs you and won't let go until the end of this series. The scenes are vivid and vibrant. This tale ends in a cliffhanger leading to book 3, "Still Descending". This is a Must-Read tale. Recommended.

Book Three:  Still Descending 

It has been a Hell of a long journey, and I'm still descending through the Circles of Hell! Nothing but Archangel drama and monster bullshit I have to contend with daily. Plus, I still have to save more Archangels and convince them to be mated with me because I need the bonds for the monster that wants to obliterate mine and the Universe's existence! I think I deserve a vacation!

Book Four:  Ascending

I've finally made it to the Center of Hell!
I have saved six Archangels and One Pure Soul; however, there is still one more Archangel I need to obtain so I can ascend to Heaven.
And the worst part? I have to fight through Lucifer's perilous court of Hell and win Michael's freedom.
Why can't things get easier so I can save the Universe?