My journey as a writer started as most things begin: an accident.  Wrongfully terminated from my Federal job, and over a year of litigation, I won my job back!  

During my year-long wait of going through the judicial process, I had A LOT of spare time.  So, I decided to write a story to keep me busy and to help me escape reality.  Knowing nothing about publishing an ebook, I researched and downloaded essential ebook writing apps to help guide me through the process.  

With my spouse's help, I was able to complete my first book, The Divine-less Comedy (Book One), in a few weeks.  

Even though I've gotten a few great reviews, I have discovered that I needed more backing from a publisher and help with my wording and book covers.  I had my manuscript edited, and I re-released my first book as Descend:  Book One of The Divine-less Comedy Series with a new book cover and design.     

Maybe someday writing will replace my current profession.  I'm enjoying the challenges of writing and hope that my personal story will inspire others to try something different.